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Mars works released

Get your Mars gear on now. Honorifics and symbolic works for every day wear and ritual reasons. Show your love of Mars in subtle ways. Click Mars in the top bar or this link here https://www.occultyr.com/product-category/planetary-magic/mars/

Venus Works Released

All works have designs created in the hour of Venus on a Venus day. The timing was “Good For Love” and completed on the Hygromateia lunar day for “Causing Love In A Couple” The items are streetwear clothing for men and women that in this case are basic hats, shirts, t-shirts and polo’s with some […]

Occultyr Is Born

20190207 08.49 PM Born on a Thursday, Jupiters’ day in the hour of Jupiter Occultlyr is born. Hail to Jupiter. Bring us all great fortune and wealth. All works are created astrologically and some are consecrated. All works are created with intent for probability influence in your favor. YMMV. Follow us and join in the […]